Sunday, March 22, 2015

Aromaleigh Cosmetics Ephemera - March 2015

I got my Aromaleigh Cosmetics Ephemera box earlier this month, but I am just now getting around to writing this up. Work has been crazy and I had to do some traveling/training before the weather got warmer. (I do mosquito research and warmer weather = hectic field season full of mosquito trapping).

I was INCREDIBLY excited last month when we got the sneak peak for Ragnarok, because I knew the theme would be Norse mythology. I fell in love with Norse mythology and Scandinavia in general in high school. Part of  this is due to a mythology class I took, the other part is due to the fact that I listen to a lot of  Scandinavian really is an obsession.

Like previous months, my package arrived the first week of the month and in a beautiful little box.

And when I opened the box I was happy to see Swedish Fish! :) It is not the highlight of the box, but I had NO IDEA they made them that large and individually packaged! Mind BLOWN! Once again, I am amazed at the packaging and detail. Color scheme is spot on for this theme.

Each box comes with a very detailed paper explaining the theme, colors, and recommendations on how to wear the items in the box. This is what REALLY sets this box apart from other subscriptions. I find the subject matter interesting and I also really love this incredibly thoughtful aspect of it.

This month three eyeshadows and a rouge were included.

Note the awesome labels
February's theme was incredibly colorful and may have been a little more difficult to wear in one look. As you can see below, the colors this month are more subdued.

Valkyrie is the only product eye, lip, and cheek safe. All products are vegan. Foiled swatches are indicated with a "*" in the caption.

From left to right: Valkyrie, Ragnarok, Yggdrasil, and Valhalla

  • Valkyrie: soft warn rose shade.
  • Ragnarok: a deep, warm reddish brown with gold/green interference sparkle.
  • Yggdrasil: a midtone, heathered green with copper interference shimmer.
  • Valhalla: a soft pale weathered gold with strong blue interference sparkle.
From left to right: Valkyrie*, Ragnarok*, Yggdrasil*, and Valhalla*

My Take
  • Valkyrie: as described; a little bit of sheen and a great lip color as well
  • Ragnarok: as described; to me there is more gold sparkle than green
  • Yddrasil: as decribed; the copper is very strong and beautiful
  • Valhalla: as described (couldn't have described it any perfectly)

This entire collection works well with one another and I still cannot get over how beautiful Valhalla is!  I swatched Valkyrie both dry and foiled because it is also lip safe. I have a photo below of me wearing this shade on my lips and HIGHLY recommend trying it out if you got his box.

There were three samples total including, one of them from Kiss My Sass Cosmetics.

Lets get Carina out of the way because it is AMAZINGLY beautiful. Also, this post is going up pretty late so the collection is already available. (Will plan on purchasing and reviewing).  This color is a beautiful violet with a teal duochrome! The sneak peek for next month is a beautiful pink with a gold sheen and violet sparkle. The theme is based of "a Roman festival celebrated in April." I am incredibly excited for this. This color is beautiful! 

From left to righ: Carina*, Sneak Peek*, Daydreams

The lipgloss sample included was Daydreams. Its a beautiful sheer gloss with a pink sheen with peppermint oil. Very minty and smells refreshing. The website also states that this gloss is vegan AND dye free. 

Products in Action 

Lid: Valhalla
Crease: Yggdrasil
Lower Lashline: Ragnarok
Cheeks: Valkyrie

Lid: Ragnarok
Inner Corner: Valhalla
Lower Lashline and Crease:Yggdrasil
Cheeks: Valkyrie

Lid: Yggdrasil
Inner Corner and Lower Lashline: Valhalla
Liner: Ragnarok
Cheeks: Valkyrie

Lid: Sneak Peek Color
Crease: Carina

Valkyrie mixed with OCC clear gloss!

I thoroughly enjoyed this box and look forward what April brings. If I had to chose one thing as my favorite it would have to be Valhalla! Its just a beautiful color that can be worn boldly or sheer. No matter how you wear it its unique enough to catch anybody's attention! 

Currently the Ephemera subscription has a waitlist so be sure to check out their Facebook page for updates. The monthly cost is $15 plus shipping.

Are you subbed? I would love to know what you thought about this theme! I can never get enough of Norse mythology!